Sol House Ibiza is one of the flagship hotels in Ibiza, located in San Antoni, one of the most popular areas of the island. The hotel opens from May to October and is focused on music, since its Rooftop 9 is a space that hosts quality DJ sessions on a daily basis. During the Summer 2018 season (May-October) we launched electronic music events 4 times a week, and were in charge of creating the graphic pieces (posters and videos). Thanks to the promotion (sponsored content), we increased the visibility of the events, which gave as a result higher number of attendees and greater brand recognition. We also organized collabs with music media and with world-renowned DJs, both for the generation of content and for the management of the Rooftop 9 events. Likewise, since January 2018, we also were in charge of creating, publishing and promoting the regular hotel content on the social media profiles of Sol House Ibiza, as well as acting as a Social Customer Service team, with regards to questions and complaints.

DateMarch 13, 2019


  • Content creation of photo and video.
  • Event management, content creation and promotion for Rooftop 9.
  • Design and management of the brand identity.
  • Content planning and management.